• Catherine Ricketts – Antique Dealer & Oriental Specialist. 

    Catherine Ricketts was born in Taipei Taiwan, arriving in Australia in 1984. She started her career in the National Museum of History in Taiwan. During that time she acquired her knowledge of antiques and an appreciation of modern arts. Catherine is an Oriental specialist and an accredited Commonwealth Government valuer with over 30 years of experience in the trade

    30 Years Trading and Still Going Strong!

    Catherine’s 30 years in Australia

    It was like yesterday, I can still remember the day I left Taiwan behind, after having lived there for 27 years and migrating to Australia. I arrived on 4 October 1984, landing at Brisbane airport. Straight away I fell in love with the sweet fresh air, the amazing blue sky and the spectacular full bloom of the jacaranda trees. I was so excited and right there and then decided to spend the rest of my life in this beautiful country.

    My first ten years in Australia was like a rollercoaster, spectacular experiences and periods of living hell. After having gone through those ups and downs I learned the lessons of life, and looked at the world in a different way. I learnt to compromise my fantastic with reality, and became determined to be always positive, to always do the right thing, and never give up.

    Kevin and I first met at the Jupiter Casino Antique Fair in 1995; we were running stalls close to each other. At that time I was struggling to run my business and to look after my son, Alexander, as a single mum. Kevin could see that I had been through a tough time and decided to close his business in Victoria and come to Brisbane to rescue both me and Alexander. He charged in like a knight in shining armour.

    Kevin’s version of a white horse was his vintage blue convertible Mercedes Benz, with his being dressed like a punk rocker in a hot-rod shirt and bright red suspenders. Seven- year- old Alexander was so impressed with Kevin’s tough, wild-man look that he quickly gave his permission and we welcomed Kevin to our family.

    From that moment our business took off. It was East meets West – Catherine Ricketts, the Oriental antiques specialist, and Kevin Parker, the expert on all things European. The combination of our vast knowledge and experience has made us a successful and dynamic team.

    We frequently travel overseas to source items for our extensive range of antiques and decorative art pieces. Kevin, the treasure hunter, is always out and about looking for exciting stock, and is continually buying whole collections from estates. After years of trading, we have accumulated an amazing amount of collectables amongst our treasured possessions.


    Chandelier Restorations at the Centre

    Our chandelier showroom-cum-workshop has settled into the front of the complex. The services include:

        • Buy & Sell chandelier and lighting
        • Vintage lighting restoration
        • Chandelier restoration & re-designing

    Please contact the centre on 3268 2869 / or Catherine on 0411 709 669 for assistance.

    We are on YouTube
    The 30th anniversary of my settlement in Australia was 5th October 2014. I made two YouTube videos to celebrate this milestone.
    You can check them on our site, I hope you enjoy watching them.

    Regular Shipment of new stock
    The regular arrival of containers bringing new and exciting stock to our centre means there is always something fresh and exciting to see.

    Take the opportunity to combine a leisurely stroll around the complex with a cup of aromatic coffee or tea in hand and explore our fabulous treasure trove.

    The Brickhouse Café

    Our son, Alexander, travelled and worked in Europe and China in the hospitality industry since graduating from university. He arrived back home in January this year and has joined our centre, opening his own cafe in the complex.

    The Brickhouse Café is located near the centre’s courtyard; Alexander has tastefully decorated the cafe with vintage and collectable pieces, and is running this new venture with the experience gained overseas coupled with the exuberance of youth.

    He is serving espresso, specialty teas and light meals. Alex has a team of caterers capable of hosting private functions and events either inside the cafe or outside in the courtyard area.

    If you are looking to hold that cozy birthday party or an intimate special event with a few friends, or even just a morning or afternoon tea with a group of pals, Alexander would be more than willing to discuss your needs and work out a menu.

    Alex can be contacted on 0419 922 442 or by email: alex.parker.ricketts@gmail.com

    Proprietors Catherine Ricketts & Kevin Parker

    07 3268 2869



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